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Rating: 3.238/5 (21 votes)
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Category: Altered Melee

Version: 2.0
File Size: 1.42 MB

Date Added: 4th November 2011

Players: 1-4
Suggested Players: 2-4
Play Modes: Single/Multiplayer
Difficulty: Normal

Tileset: Jungle
Map Size: Not Specified
Playable Map Size: Not Specified

AI Included: No
Unlocked: Yes (Opens In Editor)

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Current Rating
Wish you could play campaign units in custom game?

Well in crazystarcraft v2 you can play (almost) all the campaign units Big Grin Everything is fine tuned for EXTREME battles and super fun times Big Grin Have fun Big Grin

PS: Newly added HERO units which means this map is EXTREMELY unbalanced Tongue il fix it in the next versions


1.two new hero units for each race added.
2.switched around some unit spawns (eg)lurker spawns with infestor,dunno where the firebats went(Tongue),etc.
3.All hero units come with their own OP super abilities but are SUPER costly

1.Reduced build time on many structures to increase tech up rate.
2.increased HP on some buildings (Planetary fortress,hive,etc)
3.some Zerg buidings spawn banelings and scourge when they die.
4.Nearly all main buildings can fight back(all have attacks).
5.Some buildings have abilities.(pylons have cloaking field,supply depots are invis when underground)

1.Added research requirements to some abilities.
2.Tried to include new units into the research's.

1.Added some new abilities to some units(mothership can masss shield recharge,DT's have charge and blink).
2.Allowed auto-cast on many abilities (it wasn't easy) but now many units can auto-cast abilities(still experimental) such as ghost(snipe now auto castable).

1.Will probably remove scourge from the game since i really dont like thier animation.. seems very shoddy and i tried really hard but could not fix them.
2.Some units are extremely OP but i will fix them soon.
Credits & Copyright © Notice
Created by Yijuwarp
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