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Elemental Plain

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Category: Melee

Version: 1.0
File Size: 717.41 KB

Date Added: 19th June 2010

Players: 2-4
Suggested Players: 2-4
Play Modes: Single/Multiplayer
Difficulty: Varies

Tileset: Wasteland
Map Size: Not Specified
Playable Map Size: Not Specified

AI Included: No
Unlocked: Yes (Opens In Editor)

Elemental Plain
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"Between realities exists a world where the four major elements struggle for dominance. Control the wrath of the pounding sea, obliterate your enemies with fire, strangle your foes with the roots of mother earth, or devour your opponents in the wind."

-Designed for 2v2 or Free For All, preferably Free For All play.
-Each starting location is an element: 1 is Water, 2 is Fire, 3 is Air, and 4 is Earth.
-Each element has a bonus:
-Clarity of Water: Xel'Naga towers are used by the water to see a great distance and spy on enemies, additionally, the towers help to see incoming raids.
-Combustion of Fire: the player who chooses Fire is granted two high-yield vespene geysers.
-The Unreachable Air: Air has only one pathway into its base, making it very easy to defend from attackers. It also has the fastest route to the center of the map where riches lie.
-Richness of the Earth: The Earth player begins the game with 3 high-yield mineral patches.

-Note: None of the bonuses are make-or-break, they are merely conveniences. These bonuses can easily be countered and are also provided by outlying bases for expansion.
-Have fun!
Credits & Copyright © Notice
Created 2010 by Oneirophobia. All Rights Reserved.
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