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Cube Defense

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Category: Tower Games

Version: 0.8
File Size: 769.33 KB

Date Added: 23rd June 2010

Players: 1-8
Suggested Players: 1-8
Play Modes: Single/Multiplayer
Difficulty: Varies

Tileset: Jungle
Map Size: 256x256
Playable Map Size: 236x228

AI Included: Yes
Unlocked: Yes (Opens In Editor)

Cube Defense
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Remake of the old classic, Cube TD for WC3, by CordialSpam.
What sets this TD apart, is the fact that mazing is not only possible, it is required in order to complete the game at all. And if you want to stand a chance on the higher difficulty settings, you'd better be ready to understand and abuse the pathing, block the mobs from doing what they want and force them to do your bidding and take the long way around your maze - and preferably run through it two or three times before they get out on the other side.

Up to 8 players try to keep 30 waves of mobs away from the center, using 5 kinds of towers, 3 of which are upgradeable.

Other features include:
- Four difficulty settings
- Selling of towers
- Working range indicators, for easier maze decision making
- Snaring of flying units; bring them down to the ground and stop them dead in their track
- Anti-blocking triggers that keeps the game rolling even if you **** up
- and Awesome awesome gameplay!
Credits & Copyright © Notice
ReMade by Slightlyrandom, after original WC3map by CordialSpambr /
Released into the public domainbr /
No rights reserved
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