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Big Game Hunters - Remake

Views Today: 5
Views Total: 25894

Downloads Today: 1
Downloads Total: 11428

Popularity: 9.9/10 +0.2 All-Time

Rating: 4.511/5 (88 votes)
Favs: 0

Category: Melee

Version: 1.0
File Size: 3.35 MB

Date Added: 14th October 2010
(Updated: 19th January 2013)

Players: 1-8
Suggested Players: 1-8
Play Modes: Single/Multiplayer
Difficulty: Not Specified

Tileset: Not Specified
Map Size: 160x176
Playable Map Size: 136x142

AI Included: Yes
Unlocked: Yes (Opens In Editor)

Big Game Hunters - Remake
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Finally after dozens of hours I am done! I hope you all gonna enjoy this remake of BGH and please...feel free to leave an comment if you like it or not, or if there's something missing etc...
I have also uploaded this map on (became an Arcade map since there are changes in the Data, but you can still play this as a melee map)
Credits & Copyright © Notice
Created 2010 by AlienKaninchen. All Rights Reserved.
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