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(8) Xel-Nega Collisium

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Downloads Total: 5269

Popularity: 9.4/10 -0.1 All-Time

Rating: 4.34/5 (50 votes)
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Category: Melee

Version: 1.0
File Size: 465.75 KB

Date Added: 19th January 2011

Players: 2-8
Suggested Players: 2-8
Play Modes: Multiplayer Only
Difficulty: Varies

Tileset: Not Specified
Map Size: 256x256
Playable Map Size: 248x248

AI Included: Yes
Unlocked: Yes (Opens In Editor)

Tags: 4v4

(8) Xel-Nega Collisium
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I had a back story to this map, but I forgot it. Oh well though. I kinda rushed through this one due to the fact that I found out through my testing phase on this map that the light bridges I was working with never showed in the game. Not sure why. They showed up in the Editor but not in the game. So I figure if I can figure out how to get the light bridges in game later, I'll reupload an updated version of this map. I also did this map in hopes of going for an asymmetrical map but with roughly the same amount of resources for both sides of the map. I hope this one is appreciated at least.
Credits & Copyright © Notice
Created 2011 by wolf_of_darkness007. All Rights Reserved.
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