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Starcraft Expanded

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Category: Other

Version: BETA 0.XX
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Date Added: 11th July 2011
(Updated: 13th November 2011)

Tags: melee, tech-tree

Starcraft Expanded
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The many groups within the sector have different strategies to hold their ground. In this mod players have the option to choose their affiliations, and consequently how they battle their enemies. Unlock special units, abilities and technology to surprise your enemies. Choose wisely to take advantage of your enemies' choices.

Many campaign units and upgrades added, also many units, abilities and upgrades created for this mod. Currently there are 9 Terran factions, 6 Zerg broods and 7 Protoss tribes.
Credits & Copyright © Notice
Created by Soul Filcher 2010-2011. Feel free to help or give your suggestions.
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